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Used Unity 2019.3.14f

Fireworks VR was inspired by many Fireworks shows being canceled in 2020. I learned about Silent Fireworks Displays for people with PSTD and to reduce anxiety in members of the community and pets in the community. 

I wanted to create an experience free of explosive noises. 

Music: Ghosts of Matera by Ryan Andersen

Tutorials used to Create Project

Install instructions

After you've downloaded the APK file and put it somewhere you can find it, you'll need to sideload the game onto your Quest, either with Sidequest or ADB. If you don't know how to do that, I've provided a brief how-to below. 

Method 1 (Recommended): Sidequest

  1. Follow this guide to install Sidequest on your PC
  2. With your quest connected, click on the 'install APK from folder' button at the top of the window. 
    (It's the one with the red circle around it)
  3. Find the APK file for the game, and install it.

Method 2: ADB

  1. Follow this guide to set up ADB on your PC
  2. Open a command line and navigate to the folder where you installed ADB
  3. Make sure your device is connected and recognised by your computer, you can do so by running the command "adb devices" without the quotes, if everything is working you should see a list of connected devices.
  4. Run the command "adb install <apk-path>". Replace <apk-path> with the file path to the apk file. For example, "adb install C:\Users\Name\Downloads\game.apk"
  5. TIP: If you've already installed this game to your headset and would like to update it to the most recent version, please instead use the command "adb install -r <apk-path>". By adding the -r option you can override the old version of the game.


FireworksVR-SaoiGames.apk 52 MB

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